Petra Wűnschová, Centrum LOCIKA, CEO„Martin is a great expert with hearts open to meaningful things. He does not hesitate to help where needed and his expertise has helped us with effective data and contact management in the LOCIKA center. We can only recommend cooperation with Martin!“

Viktorie Tenzerová, Microsoft, Business Manager – „Martin is well educated and highly motivated person with great overlap of both sales and technical knowledge. I personally admire his capability of setting long-term visions as well as step-by-step action plans. He is a very reliable person with persistant can-do attitude.“

Martin Matěj, 365 xRM Partners s.r.o., Owner –
„I been please to cooperate with him as his friendly and team spirit bring into our team fun and enthusiasms. He have strong communication skills and ability to convince people around him.“

Linda Hurdová, Nadání a dovednosti, CEO „Martin helped our organization as a volunteer to create a CRM database, for which I thank him very much. He delivered everything at the agreed date and he keeps helping us with the expansion. He is very communicative, thorough, reliable, and thinking in a broader context.“